The Do Better Theology Resource List

The main place I’ve been updating resources is my Do Better Theology instagram account LINK IN BIO and that is a little clunky and not as easy to organize. I wanted to make sure I had an evergreen and ever growing place for all my recommended resources on the blog. Enjoy! Critical Race Theory &Continue reading “The Do Better Theology Resource List”

What “Family” Means When One Is Single and Childless

I served at a camp property for one month in the summer every year for about 12-13 years. I joked with my mom this year, as everything was shut down, I would finally get to be in town for her birthday (which hadn’t happened in about seven years). At camp, as we started off theContinue reading “What “Family” Means When One Is Single and Childless”

Is It Love? More of my Story

The woman I was in a relationship with didn’t identify within the LGBT community and wouldn’t have said she had an attraction to women. My persistence was born out of an infatuation, as happened to me with female peers occasionally. It’s hard to explain because it wasn’t always romantic, but more like a desire toContinue reading “Is It Love? More of my Story”

What’s TRUE Masculinity and Femininity?

 I believe a lot of the issues we’re facing culturally stem from the same root problem into the two extremes, both conservative and liberal (as their true meanings, not politically). When it comes to gender, a more conservative extreme might say something like, “there’s male and female and just act like you’re supposed to!” AnyContinue reading “What’s TRUE Masculinity and Femininity?”

Destined for Loneliness

I recharge with people. I love parties and having a group of people hanging on every word when I’m telling a funny story. The concept of being truly ALONE is my deepest fear. (Something bad happening to loved ones, abandonment, etc) It seems like some think loneliness will be a particular hardship for people whoContinue reading “Destined for Loneliness”

The “curse” of Singleness

One theory about why the Bible has been incorrectly interpreted and applied by orthodox Christians is the idea that God wouldn’t create people and then ask them to be single. I remember a senior Young Life staff person presenting this as “affirming” theological reasoning in a class I was in. (Not from upfront, but asContinue reading “The “curse” of Singleness”

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