The Do Better Theology Resource List

The main place I’ve been updating resources is my Do Better Theology instagram account LINK IN BIO and that is a little clunky and not as easy to organize. I wanted to make sure I had an evergreen and ever growing place for all my recommended resources on the blog. Enjoy! Critical Race Theory &Continue reading “The Do Better Theology Resource List”

Humility Month 2021

Where’d This Come From? I think unless Jesus had grabbed a hold of my heart from a young age, without the solid Scriptural foundation I received from church and family, and if I wasn’t raised to be critical and thoughtful of culture, I would be at the front of the Pride Parade waving the rainbowContinue reading “Humility Month 2021”

A Response to the YL Policy Clarity Document

This would be more appropriately titled Thoughts on the “Do Better Young Life” version of YL’s policy clarity document” since we have to assume for the sake of argument that this document says what the YL document says, though those of us outside of YL have no way to verify how close to the originalContinue reading “A Response to the YL Policy Clarity Document”

A Christ-Follower-Identity

I listened to a Q&A with a female same-sex couple the other day, on their stories and how they started dating, etc. This was facilitated by an ‘Affirming’ Christian page and so was along that worldview. Super interesting conversation but two things along the same theme stuck out to me. First, one woman in theContinue reading “A Christ-Follower-Identity”

Is Orthodoxy “Bad Fruit”?

Some of the critiques from the non-orthodox side of this conversation focuses on the fruit that is being borne by the Orthodox. In their view, to be “affirming” bears good fruit, and being Orthodox bears rotten fruit. Jen Hatmaker says this explicitly in an interview on sexuality, “When I looked to the fruit of theContinue reading “Is Orthodoxy “Bad Fruit”?”

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