The Do Better Theology Resource List

The main place I’ve been updating resources is my Do Better Theology instagram account LINK IN BIO and that is a little clunky and not as easy to organize. I wanted to make sure I had an evergreen and ever growing place for all my recommended resources on the blog. Enjoy! Critical Race Theory &Continue reading “The Do Better Theology Resource List”

Is Sexuality a “Salvation Issue”?

A point I’ve heard made from both those who might say they ascribe to an “affirming” theology and from some who would say they’re orthodox who simply don’t want to talk about sexuality is that “sexuality is not a salvation issue.” The authors of the now-open letter to Young Life nationally said something to thatContinue reading “Is Sexuality a “Salvation Issue”?”

Standing Under the Forbidden Fruit

Let’s say I’m in a beautiful garden with amazing fruit to eat on almost every tree around me. But one particular tree’s fruit I’ve been instructed, by God, not to eat: “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of goodContinue reading “Standing Under the Forbidden Fruit”

Is Orthodoxy “Bad Fruit”?

Some of the critiques from the non-orthodox side of this conversation focuses on the fruit that is being borne by the Orthodox. In their view, to be “affirming” bears good fruit, and being Orthodox bears rotten fruit. Jen Hatmaker says this explicitly in an interview on sexuality, “When I looked to the fruit of theContinue reading “Is Orthodoxy “Bad Fruit”?”

Is It Love? More of my Story

The woman I was in a relationship with didn’t identify within the LGBT community and wouldn’t have said she had an attraction to women. My persistence was born out of an infatuation, as happened to me with female peers occasionally. It’s hard to explain because it wasn’t always romantic, but more like a desire toContinue reading “Is It Love? More of my Story”

What’s TRUE Masculinity and Femininity?

 I believe a lot of the issues we’re facing culturally stem from the same root problem into the two extremes, both conservative and liberal (as their true meanings, not politically). When it comes to gender, a more conservative extreme might say something like, “there’s male and female and just act like you’re supposed to!” AnyContinue reading “What’s TRUE Masculinity and Femininity?”

Is “Love” Really “Love”?

“Love is Love.” If it’s good propaganda, you can’t disagree on its face, and as long as no one asks any questions, phrases like this are enough to swing cultural tides.”Do you have a moment to talk about gay rights?” Blue vested volunteers would ask as one left the post office or crossed the pathContinue reading “Is “Love” Really “Love”?”

“Gay” or “Straight”?

Where did these concepts come from? Why has the church accepted these definitions without a second thought?  Christopher Yuan’s book Holy Sexuality and the Gospel blew my mind when I read it a year or two ago. Yuan did not grow up Christian, was kicked out of his Chinese-American home when he came out as gay, becameContinue reading ““Gay” or “Straight”?”

Is Attraction A Choice?

 “It’s not a choice. No one would choose this. When did you choose to be straight?” This refrain shows up often in a conversation about attractions and identity. I always found it funny when directed at me though, because it just shows that a lot of these clever arguments and phrases don’t work when youContinue reading “Is Attraction A Choice?”

Is God’s Design for Sex Good?

“Did God ‘actually’ say…” the enemy’s lie has resonated long after he tempted Eve in the garden. The underlying questions dig into the human heart in every way. “Did God really mean…” “Does God really expect you to deny…” “Doesn’t God want you to be happy?” I have learned, from the example of others, toContinue reading “Is God’s Design for Sex Good?”

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