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Do Better Theology

Jenn Pepper’s not so controversial thoughts about Jesus and humanity.

Moving to Substack

Substack has proven itself dedicated to protecting free speech and is in more of an e-mail and newsletter format. I don’t need a lot of frills or design, I just want to write and comment on things, so seems like a good fit. I was already putting things on there as a backup should anyContinue reading “Moving to Substack”

“Do Better Young Life” – The Response Series – #41 through #45

#41 – July 31, 2020 Except a post or two ago, they started to show the cracks even within their own “community”. Because a community based on oppression points and outrage will never be peaceful or satisfying. It will look like this video of a “Democrat Socialist Convention“. Picture a meeting with a few hundredContinue reading ““Do Better Young Life” – The Response Series – #41 through #45”

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